Tuesday, December 20, 2005

An Atheist's Handbook

My recently published book, AN ATHEIST'S HANDBOOK, is now available to be ordered from the publisher, XlibrisCorporation, a division of Random House.

You can order it directly from the publisher at:

It can also be ordered from Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com, Borders.com, EvolveFISH.com and various other online bookstores on the Internet:

Dan Culberson
ISBN: 1-4134-7653-8

It is only 112 pages long, can be read in one sitting, and would make a good Christmas present. (All puns intended.) As the blurb on the back page says: "An Atheist's Handbook describes the 'Who, What, When,Where, Why, and How' of the author's transition from religiousbeliever to religious nonbeliever in a logical, philosophical,and easy-to-read fashion. It should be required reading foreveryone who does or does not believe in God."


Dan Culberson said...

AN ATHEIST'S HANDBOOK has been selling consistently, but modestly, ever since it was published December 20, 2005. At least one copy has been sold every month, but now it looks as if that record has been broken. So far, no books are listed as having been sold in May, but five more wholesale sales were shipped so far in June.

Dan Culberson said...

And now, perhaps, "things are looking up." Two more sales in July.